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New Construction or Rehab, BayVanguard has the best loan for you.

New Construction
If you are ready to turn those construction drawings into reality it is time to contact the experienced loan professionals at BayVanguard. They will help you complete the loan process as quickly and easily as possible. Once construction is underway, you want to be sure that the work proceeds on schedule. It is important to keep the construction funds flowing. Bay-Vanguard normally funds draw requests within three days. If you are considering another lender make sure you ask how long they take to fund a draw request. In some cases it is two to three weeks. When construction is complete your loan is automatically rolled over to a permanent mortgage at a rate you locked in at settlement. You have saved money by only going through settlement one time.

The neighborhoods of Federal Hill, Locust Point and Canton have led the way in a rebirth of city living. Homebuyers are purchasing older homes and doing a complete renovation. Although the financing of these projects is very similar to financing new construction, many lenders are not familiar with the process and do not make this type of loan. Bay-Vanguard has been providing purchase/rehab loans to homeowners for over thirty years. Your loan amount is based on the completed value of your home. Funds for the purchase of the property are advanced at settlement. The remaining funds are advanced as construction progresses. Just like new construction, you only pay interest on the funds that have been advanced during the construction period. The loan is rolled over to a permanent mortgage at the end of construction. All with only one settlement.

BayVanguard's dedication to service excellence begins with our first contact and continues through the final payment on the loan. Your loan will be serviced locally by Bay-Vanguard. If you have a question or a problem you will receive a quick response from our loan professionals. If service is important, you should make BayVanguard your lender.

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