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Fixed Rate Mortgage

If you are purchasing your first home, moving up to a larger home, or refinancing an existing loan, you are probably looking for an old-fashioned fixed rate mortgage. This loan will keep your finances as simple as possible. You will know exactly what the principal and interest payment will be for each month over the life of the loan, whether it is 10, 15 or 30 years. When the bond market or London inter-bank rates go up your payment remains the same, no surprises.

The loan may be structured to fit your needs. If you want to minimize your down payment and monthly payment, you may put as little as 5% down with private mortgage insurance and extend the term to 30 years. If you want to build up your equity as quickly as possible you may increase your down payment and shorten the term of the loan.

Talk with our loan professionals. They will help you select the best terms for your situation.
There is one more important reason to select BayVanguard as your lender. We service all the loans we make for the life of the loan. You will not have to change the address of where to send your payment every few months because your loan has been sold again. No problems with insurance or tax payments being late or missed because the paper work for your loan was temporarily lost when the loan was sold to another lender. You will always be able to talk with the same friendly loan service personnel when Bay-Vanguard is your lender.

Check our rates. We think you will find them competitive. Combine our low rates with our excellent service and we think you will choose BayVanguard as your lender.



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