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Checklist of Items Needed for Processing Mortgage Loans

We want to help guide you through the mortgage process. Below is a checklist of the standard information needed by most lending institutions. Some items may vary, but this checklist is a great place to start and to use as a reference. For your convenience, print this page and check off the items that have been completed.

_________ Credit report fee collected at application.

_________ Landlord information if applicable (past 12 months cancelled checks).

_________ Social Security numbers for all borrowers.

_________ W-2 forms from past two years for all borrowers and all jobs.

_________ Most recent pay stubs for the last 30 days showing YTD income.

_________ Bank statements from the last three months for all accounts, all borrowers and all funds. Also indicate any life insurance, retirement funds, real estate owned and any other assets.

_________ Copy of all earnest money deposits (front & back).


_________ A list of all creditors, including their complete addresses, account numbers, balances due and minimum monthly payments for each one (include present mortgage if applicable).

_________ Contract of Sale for property to be purchased (Deed if refinance) and contract or deed for land (if construction loan), whichever is applicable.

_________ Listing.

_________ Leases if applicable.

_________ If not established at current residence or employer for two years, have the complete names and addresses for all prior residences and employers.

The following must also be provided in addition to the above if applying for a construction loan:

_________ Signed proposal/contract

_________ Contract specifications

_________ Blue Prints

_________ Land Plat

_________ Draw schedule

_________ Building Permit

_________ Contractor's License


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